Multiple playful, high-end video segments delivered in five weeks.

Working on a very tight five-week time line, Trillium Productions created media for this high-profile project with Kraemer D+P and Calabash Productions. We developed several high-end videos which work with a larger Jim Henson multiple-screen and animatronic program, as well as seven animated signs that populate the pre-show waiting room.

Above is “California”, the largest of several animated signs we created. It’s designed as a softly moving, looped centerpoint which draws attention to the main pre-show stage. Trillium worked with Calabash Animations in creating this colorful, elegant, intriguing piece.

Client: Georgia Aquarium

Category: Video


This is another of the seven animated signs Trillium created with Calabash that line the walls of the pre-show room.

What do Sea Lions Eat Video

This entertaining animated piece is a roll-in to the larger Jim Henson show. Trillium created it in-house.

Gil Newton Presents

This video is part of a strange, looney, “nightmarish” dream Mr. Claws, the crab and the main storyteller, has during the show. It’s designed to appear to be an ancient television show bouncing through space, which fades in and out of the ether. It tells visitors about why sea lions bark.