Hernando de Soto’s exploration of the 2010 Arab Spring uprisings

This one-hour documentary, hosted by Hernando de Soto, is an eye-opening exploration of the volatile economic conditions that led to the 2010 Arab Spring uprisings. We start at Ground Zero for Arab Spring, the humiliation and suicide of Mohammed Bouazizi, a small Tunisian vendor. Through the words of his family and friends, as well as stories of small business people across the region, the show demonstrates that the Arab Spring and today’s continuing turmoil are less about politics or religion than economics and exclusion. Byzantine laws and corruption have obliterated any chance for prosperity.

Client: Free to Choose Media for PBS

Category: Television, Documentary

Edward Tivnan

Senior Editor
, Instituto Libertad Y Democracia

“As a professional writer who has written a number of documentaries myself, I know the challenges involved– and have marveled at how Roger has met them, particularly in this current effort to explain the ILD’s unique take on the causes of the Arab Spring.”